Recent Natural Hazards

2017/10/23Southwest of Africa
2017/10/19168km E of Naze, Japan
2017/10/18100km SSE of Pangai, Tonga
2017/10/18131km N of Lae, Papua New Guinea
2017/10/1413km SSW of San Dionisio del Mar, Mexico
2017/10/1244km SSW of Serrezuela, Argentina
2017/10/11Bouvet Island region
2017/10/1036km SSW of Putre, Chile
2017/10/10Bouvet Island region
2017/10/08153km NW of Pangai, Tonga
2017/10/08Balleny Islands region
2017/10/0860km E of Buldir Island, Alaska

RAPID-N: Rapid Natech Risk Assessment Tool

Natural-hazard triggered technological accidents (Natechs) involving the releases of hazardous substances, fires, and explosions at critical chemical infrastructures have been recognized as an emerging risk. Natech risks are expected to increase in the future due to the growing number of critical infrastructures, more natural hazards due to climate change, and the vulnerability of the society which is becoming more and more interconnected.

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