NoDateTimeNameHazard Parameters
1.2017/12/1318:03:4282km WNW of Bouvet Island, Bouvet IslandMw: 6.5; h: 10 km
2.2017/12/1221:41:3164km NNE of Kerman, IranMw: 6; h: 10 km
3.2017/12/1208:43:1856km NNE of Kerman, IranMw: 5.9; h: 10 km
4.2017/12/1119:00:55111km WNW of Iquique, ChileMw: 5.5; h: 7.61 km
5.2017/12/1117:29:1052km S of Sola, VanuatuMw: 5.6; h: 187.3 km
6.2017/12/1110:50:00137km SE of Pangai, Tongamb: 5.6; h: 10 km
7.2017/12/0915:14:2449km NW of Fais, MicronesiaMw: 6.1; h: 10 km
8.2017/12/0823:42:1029km SW of Hihifo, TongaMw: 5.7; mb: 5.7; h: 129.33 km
9.2017/12/0809:51:1050km WNW of Fais, MicronesiaMw: 6.4; h: 20.27 km
10.2017/12/0805:37:5449km WNW of Fais, Micronesiamb: 5.5; h: 10 km
11.2017/12/0802:09:5974km NNE of L'Esperance Rock, New ZealandMw: 6.2; h: 10 km
12.2017/12/0800:22:5454km NW of Fais, MicronesiaMw: 6.4; h: 12.79 km
13.2017/12/0616:06:55106km ENE of Luwuk, IndonesiaMw: 5.5; mb: 5.6; h: 17.93 km
14.2017/12/0401:35:01Vanuatu regionMw: 5.5; h: 10 km
15.2017/12/0400:08:07155km S of L'Esperance Rock, New ZealandMw: 5.8; h: 22.79 km
16.2017/12/0311:19:0619km NE of Bahia de Caraquez, EcuadorMw: 6; h: 24.73 km
17.2017/12/0102:50:0059km NNW of Finschhafen, Papua New GuineaMw: 6; h: 52.71 km
18.2017/12/0102:32:4658km NNE of Kerman, IranMw: 6; h: 10 km
19.2017/11/3006:32:50Central Mid-Atlantic RidgeMw: 6.5; h: 10 km
20.2017/11/3005:50:1944km SW of Angoram, Papua New GuineaMw: 5.5; h: 97.95 km

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