Property Estimators

NoNamePropertyValueValidity Conditions
1.Storage condition from storage pressureSTCƒ(Pstorage)--1-
2.Storage condition from storage pressure and temperatureSTCƒ(Pstorage, Tstorage, TA)--2-
3.Storage condition from roof typeSTCAtmosphericRoof Type: Floating Roof, Internal Floating Roof, Open Roof---
4.Storage condition from state of matterSTCAtmosphericState of Matter: Liquid, Solid---
5.Default storage condition for gaseous substancesSTCPressureState of Matter: Gas---
6.Storage condition from shapeSTCAtmosphericShape: Cylindrical Vertical, Cylindrical Hemispheroidal, Cylindrical Horizontal, Rectangular---
7.Storage condition from shapeSTCPressureShape: Cylindrical Dished Vertical, Cylindrical Dished Horizontal, Spherical, Spheroidal---
8.Storage condition from storage pressureSTCƒ(Tc, Tstorage)Pv: > 1 atm---
9.Default construction materialCMSteel----
10.Default base support type for on-ground storage tanksBSTAnchoredBase Type: On-ground---
11.Default fill percent (gas)FL100 %vStorage Condition: Gas under pressure-1-
12.Default fill percent (liquid)FL85 %vStorage Condition: Atmospheric, Refrigerated atmospheric, Pressure, Refrigerated pressure-1-
13.Default fill percentFL100 %v----
14.Fill percent from storage volume and stored volumeFLƒ(Vstored, Vstorage%v--2-
15.Default fill percentFL80 %vtcontainer: IBC, Drums-5-
16.Diameter from spherical volumeDƒ(VmShape: Spherical---
17.Diameter from volume and heightDƒ(V, hmShape: Cylindrical Vertical---
18.Diameter from volume and lengthDƒ(V, lmShape: Cylindrical Horizontal---
19.Diameter from volume, conjugate diameter and heightDƒ(V, dc, hmShape: Cylindrical Hemispheroidal---
20.Diameter from volume, conjugate diameter and heightDƒ(V, h, dcmShape: Cylindrical Dished Vertical---

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