Risk States

NoDamage ClassificationDamage StateScenario ParametersValidity Conditions
1.Seligson et al. (1996) - Storage TankDS1 (None)LOC State: None--
2.Seligson et al. (1996) - Storage TankDS2 (Light)LOC State: Minor--
3.Seligson et al. (1996) - Storage TankDS3 (Moderate)LOC State: Moderate--
4.Seligson et al. (1996) - Storage TankDS4 (Severe)LOC State: Major--
5.Seligson et al. (1996) - Storage TankDS5 (Total)LOC State: Catastrophic--
6.O'Rourke and So (2000) - Storage TankDS1LOC State: None--
7.O'Rourke and So (2000) - Storage TankDS2LOC State: Minor--
8.O'Rourke and So (2000) - Storage TankDS3LOC State: Moderate--
9.O'Rourke and So (2000) - Storage TankDS4LOC State: Major--
10.O'Rourke and So (2000) - Storage TankDS5LOC State: Catastrophic--
11.HAZUS (2010) - Storage TankDS1 (None)LOC State: None--
12.HAZUS (2010) - Storage TankDS2 (Slight/Minor)LOC State: Minor--
13.HAZUS (2010) - Storage TankDS3 (Moderate)LOC State: Moderate--
14.HAZUS (2010) - Storage TankDS4 (Extensive)LOC State: Major--
15.HAZUS (2010) - Storage TankDS5 (Complete)LOC State: Catastrophic--
16.American Lifelines Alliance (2001) - Storage TankDS1 (No Damage)LOC State: None--
17.American Lifelines Alliance (2001) - Storage TankDS2 (Slight)LOC State: Minor--
18.American Lifelines Alliance (2001) - Storage TankDS3 (Moderate)LOC State: Moderate--
19.American Lifelines Alliance (2001) - Storage TankDS4 (Extensive)LOC State: Major--
20.American Lifelines Alliance (2001) - Storage TankDS5 (Complete)LOC State: Catastrophic--

Risk Assessment

Natural Hazards

Industrial Plants