TitleA study of the performance of petroleum storage tanks during earthquakes, 1933-1995
AuthorsCooper, T. W.
NumberNIST GCR 97-720
InstitutionU.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
PublisherU.S. Department of Commerce

This study is primarily concerned with the performance of petroleum storage tanks during earthquakes. Because of the similarity in construction of water tanks, their performance has also been included where relevant information is available.

The study covers the seismic performance of storage tanks during major earthquakes ranging from the 1933 Long Beach earthquake through the 1995 Hyogoken-Nambu (Kobe) earthquake. The study discusses failures as well as satisfactory performances of the tanks during the more recent earthquakes.

Based on the observations of damage, recommendations to improve the design of storage tanks are provided.

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1.1991/04/22Limon (Bocas del Toro) Earthquake, Costa RicaRefinadora Costarricense de Petroleo S.A. (RECOPE)-1
2.1978/06/12Miyagi-Ken-Oki (Sendai) Earthquake, JapanJX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. - Sendai Refinery-3
3.1964/06/16Niigate Earthquake, JapanJX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. - Niigata-3

Natech Damages

NoNatechPlant Unit TypePlant Unit PropertiesDamage StateDamage Properties
1.JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. - Sendai Refinery, Japan, Miyagi-Ken-Oki (Sendai) Earthquake, Japan, 1978/06/12Storage Tank-DS4 (Extensive)3-DSHAZUS: Extensive; numdamaged: 3

Risk Assessment

Natural Hazards

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