Typical Plant Unit

TypeStorage Tank
SubstanceGasoline (86290-81-5)
Vessel geometryVertical cylinder
Tank height from the ground m
Shell Thickness6 mm
Bottom Shell Thickness6 mm
Roof Shell Thickness6 mm
ShapeCylindrical Vertical
Volume3927 m3
Length20 m
Height12.5 m
Diameter20 m
Radius10 m
H/D Ratio0.625 m/m
Boundary Distance10 m
Surface Roughness700 mm (0.7 m)
Obstruction ClassObstructed
Tank Weight66162 kg
Shell Density7800 kg/m3
Roof TypeFloating Roof
Roof Area314.16 m2
Base TypeOn-ground
Base Area314.16 m2
Base Support TypeUnanchored
Construction MaterialSteel
Storage Height12.5 m
Storage Volume3927 m3
Storage Capacity2905973 kg
Storage ConditionAtmospheric
Gauge Pressure atm
Storage StateLiquid
Fill Percent85 %v
Fill Height10.625 m
Stored Volume3337.9 m3
Stored Quantity2470077 kg
Equivalent Dike Diameter50 m
Equivalent Dike Length44.311 m
Dike Depth2 m
Dike Area1963.5 m2
Effective Dike Area1963.5 m2
Dike Volume3927 m3
Effective Dike Volume3927 m3
Passive Release Mitigation Factor
Active Release Mitigation Factor
Validity ConditionsNACE Code: Production of electricity; Fuel Type: Fuel oil
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