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This is an experimental system, made available without commitment to experts in the domain for test and verification. The results produced by this system depend heavily on the data, models and assumptions used, and should not be used for decision making without careful validation of those.

The European Commission does not warrant the accuracy of data or processes in the system, and is not responsible for any damage, loss, or improper decision resulting from its use.

NameRMP Validation Exercise, Example 30 [Validation]
Date2017/04/28 12:51:03
HazardRMP Validation Exercise Earthquake [Validation], 2012/10/21
Industrial PlantRMP Validation Exercise Plant [Validation], Italy
Plant UnitStorage Tank, U16, Propane (74-98-6)
Damage ClassificationHAZUS (2010) - Storage Tank
Fragility CurveAuto
Flexible fragility curve selectionYes
Evaluate compatible plant units onlyNo
Use private property estimatorsNo
RMP ScenarioAlternative
Fire/Explosion EventVapor Cloud Explosion

Risk Management Program Guidance for Offsite Consequence Analysis (U.S. EPA, 1999), Example 30 (section 10.4, page 10-8).

1. RMP Validation Exercise Plant [Validation], Italy
NoPlant UnitHazard ParametersFragility CurveDamage EstimateScenario ParametersEnd-point Distance
1.Storage Tank (U16)
Propane, Qstored: 50000 lb 
PGA: 0.8 g AR-IAP-120DS2: P(0.9917)Fire/Explosion Event: Vapor Cloud Explosion; Qreleased: 0 kg 0 m, P(0.9917)
DS3: P(0.8648)Fire/Explosion Event: Vapor Cloud Explosion; Qreleased2268 kg 149 m, P(0.8648)
DS4: P(0.5858)Fire/Explosion Event: Vapor Cloud Explosion; Qreleased22680 kg 321.1 m, P(0.5858)
DS5: P(0.403)Fire/Explosion Event: Vapor Cloud Explosion; Qreleased22680 kg 321.1 m, P(0.403)
Created: Serkan GIRGIN, 2012/11/23 04:12:57

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